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The best thing to happen to salads since the sneeze guard.

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Our Story

Where It All Began

Years ago while vacationing in Rome we had one of the most incredible salads. When we got home we tried to replicate it based on memory…and the internet. The salad was known only by the type of green it uses, puntarelle. The dressing is an anchovy vinaigrette whose tangy and robust flavor pairs perfectly with the bitterness of the puntarelle.

Back in New York we quickly ran into a problem when we tried to make the salad. Puntarelle was nearly impossible to find and the upscale markets that did sell it charged enough to buy an entire dinner. My wife, being the farm raised expert in greens that she is, suggested trying it on several heavier greens including kale, a green she grew up with in Virginia. This was just before kale became a “thing”. I don’t think I had ever heard of kale and certainly had never tried it.

The results were amazing. We continued playing around with the dressing until we got the flavor just right. The salad because a near daily staple in our diet and has been served at nearly every gathering in our house for many years. The only time we ate kale was with the dressing and the dressing was the only thing we ate with kale so the dressing became known simply as “kale salad dressing”. The name stuck and lives on.

Today we invite you to enjoy the amazing taste of kale salad dressing on kale or any type of hearty green leaf. Bon Appetit!

Mike D.
Inadvertent discoverer of kale salad dressing


Frequently Asked Questions

What does it taste like?

Kale salad dressing is a mix of multiple Mediterranean flavors. It’s tangy (vinegar), sweet (Parmesan cheese), salty (anchovies) and has a delightful umami quality. Try it. You’ll like it.

What’s with the name?

The dressing is inspired by a popular Roman salad that is named after the salad green, puntarelle. We tried to make it after a trip to Italy but puntarelle was hard to find and expensive in New York. We made a couple adjustments to the dressing and tried it over other greens. We stopped at kale. They were just perfect together. For years we ate this at home and served it at parties. When someone asked about the dressing we just called it exactly what it was, Kale Salad Dressing.

Who are you?

Ian’s All Natural is a small family run company based in New York City. We have a passion for good food and good travel. We believe that eating simple fresh foods (most of the time) is truly good eating. We love Kale Salad Dressing because it is made the same way it would be in any kitchen with no added gums, emulsifiers, preservatives or flavoring. Right now Kale Salad Dressing is our only product.

What type of kale should I use?

Any kind works. But curly leaf is our favorite, partially because it holds the dressing best.

Should I cook the kale?

No need. Raw is best. But don’t let us hold you back. Cook on if you’d like to. In many versions of the salad that inspired this dressing the green is cooked.

Why do you think this pairs so well with kale?

We didn’t set out to make a dressing to go with kale. It just happened that the dressing we made worked great with kale. The dressing flavor matches perfectly with the slight bitterness of kale. It has a little thickness (from the cheese) which helps it cling to the heavy kale leaves in a way that makes each one perfectly and evenly coated.

How should I prepare this salad?

We recommend cleaning the kale under cold water, drying it, chopping/ripping the leaves, discarding the hard stem and mixing in your desired amount of dressing. Add any other veggies you’d like. We usually eat it plain but thinly sliced radishes stand out as one of the better additions.

Can I put kale salad dressing on other things?

Of course!

What foods goes well with the salad?

Literally almost anything. It works great in every season with anything from pasta to fish to beef. Having bread to soak up the dressing is a must!

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